Thermo Group


Thermo Group was created in 2003 in order to commercialize beauty products for hairdressing salons, perfumeries, and general products for personal use, as well as representing domestic and foreign companies

CA Thermo Group has provided solutions for the care, maintenance and beautification of the hair from past 15 years. The launch of the professional line Mystic, backed by the most innovative and cutting-edge techniques and technologies ensures specific solutions. The group focuses on enhancement and beautification process with the help of intensive treatments, all made to meet the needs of every hair type.

Thermo Group has a unique knowledge of the different types of hair, their mechanisms and specific needs. President of Thermo Group, Samuel Chocron said “thanks to this unique experience, we can develop high-tech products allying health, efficiency and creativity.”

To strengthen the presence of Thermo Group worldwide, the company has designed a plan of investment in media, through a mix including foray into various social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc., publications in magazines Fashion and Beauty and guidelines on open TV.


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