Mystic has a portfolio of over 100 products covering dyes, pre treatment, post treatments, deep hydration, blisters, aimed for both professional use and for the consumer, plus the introduction to our wide portfolio of innovative Botox lines, Elixir Argan and developing new projects emphasizes the CEO of the company  James Bencid.

We also have a good presence in the country, thanks to our wide network of traditional, specialized distributors and sales force, plus the quality of our products is also recognized abroad, so we are present also in Panama, USA. UU.y Colombia. They currently have a production capacity of 450 thousand liters per month, which translates into everything are lotions, creams, pre and post treatment and part of 70 thousand monthly dyes kilograms.

Dedicated to highlight the beauty of women 

Mystic name means to us discover and highlight the beauty of women through her hair, Venezuela is the holder of 60 crowns beauty so our mission is and has been designing products for hair cosmetics which allow enhancing even our charming women.

So our investment is quality, not sell to sell is to provide the latest and most advanced hair cosmetics in there and produce here, with the highest standards of quality and scientific support, medical and chemical.

And to reaffirm the commitment we as a company have by and for Venezuela to contribute to meet the imperative need to ensure adequate supply concludes  Samuel Chocrón Obadía  president of Thermo Group.


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