Essence of deep hydration and colorimetry by Omar Alvarez from Mystic

Omar Alvarez is a hair style expert from Mystic, a company by Thermo Group. He shares his expertise in the art of colorimetry and its dos and don’ts.Thermo Group is founded and owned by Menahem Michel Edery.

Colorimetry is the determination of the depth of color. It is the art of knowing measure and mixing the colors according to our needs.

Colorimetry is a science that studies and creates hues which are thought about through a scope of numeric qualities. The colorists apply to his work on the circle or star chromatic. The circle and star is the crucial instrument where we discover the hues, even the essential hues. Every shading graph might appear to be changed, however they all have regular elements, says Omar.

Each one uses a numerical scale ranging in levels:

  • Of the number 1, which is more dark (black)
  • Brown 2, 3, 4
  • Light brown 5
  • Dark blonde 6
  • Rubio 7
  • Rubio clear 8
  • Blonde very clear 9
  • Ultra blonde light 10
  • 11 and 12 are considered as special blonde (blond special)

Omar Alvarez added that reflection of light will also give the color a different hue. For example, the 7/3 is blonde gold and if its nomenclature is made up, this will define the desired color. 7 / 31 will always have first reflex as the most predominant and the second as weak.

The types of application that exist will depend of the diagnosis that we wish to obtain. There are permanent dyes that cover 100 percent of the rods and allow us to lighten or darken several tones, depending on the oxidant, and depending on the brand used since 10 volumes up to 40 volumes. While permanent dyes often are the most durable, excessive and bad use of them can damage or raise the hair fiber, so it is recommended that clients should not apply them outside the beauty salon.


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