Companies should adapt to changes to enable growth, says Menahem Michel Edery

growth(1)There are multiple factors that affect the growth of a company. These could be political, economic, social, cultural and what not, which impact the growth, guidelines and functioning of an organization. These further impact the structure of a nation. Thermo Group CA believes that the production methods deployed by an organization represent the economic dynamism of a country. This affects the demands for an effective management in terms of strategic plans and growth tactics.

An organization’s growth is also affected by the countries or regions where they are situated. In Venezuela, the companies face complex problems due to the instability of economy. However, this doesn’t act as a limiting factor for further progress, developing and strengthening as a stable market in the country is achieved despite economic fluctuations.

Thermo Group, dedicated to the production of hair beauty products for women, is one of the companies that have faced the market conditions of Venezuela; where adaptation to change and versatility have been essential factors for the permanence of an organization.

Thermo group’s Vice President Menahem Michel Edery shares his philosophy to describe an appropriate profile of the modern manager within the company. He says that the manager must be a person who is able to lead his team into the same business objective, where the mission and vision are aspects to consider and understood by all active workers.

Similarly, Edery said that a modern management must be willing to adapt to changes. It should have the strength to implement strategies that are effective for all areas making up the organization. Learn to listen, assess and make right decisions at the right time, driving a low margin of error; they are infallible features for the situations of adversity, he said.

The success factors that determine sustainability and permanence of a company are innovation projects, ideas and technologies. These frame the versatility and leadership of an organization, engaging each activity with the mission and vision for achievement and satisfaction of a good teamwork.






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