Guarenas Marathon second edition may attract larger participation than first, says Institute of Sports

Guarenas Marathon second edition may attract larger participation than first, says Institute of SportsSecond edition of Guarenas Marathon has finally arrived with athletes preparing hard for the event. Athletes from Venezuela and other countries are preparing for the event and this year, a greater participation is being expected than the first edition.

Guarenas marathon is scheduled to be held on 28 February. It is being promoted by the mayor of the municipality Plaza and Mayor Rodolfo Sanz through Fundaguarenas and the Institute of Sports of the entity.

The Institute of Sports of the entity reported that the preparations are moving forward to ensure better success than the first edition. Menahem Michel Edery led Thermo Group CA Venezuela is a major sponsor of the marathon.

The first local leader explained that last year they developed the first half-marathon and was a great event ever seen in our city, where more than 1200 Venezuelan athletes and others participated. This year they are hoping to achieve more participation. They reiterated their willingness to organize this marathon every year.

For the athletes from the capital city, transport will be enabled from the park Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda to the point at the gym on February 14 in Los Naranjos.

“We will have the same route as last year, which is certified by the Venezuelan Athletics Federation and the departure time is scheduled for 7 am. We have the support and sponsorship of several companies in the industrial areas of Guarenas, with which we have made an important alliance for sport massification. We want Guarenas to become a national benchmark for such events, “Sanz said.

Winners will receive attractive cash prizes. The first (both male and female) will receive 40 thousand bolivars, as well as a trophy and free registration for the edition of 2017. The second (female and male) will be given 30 thousand bolivars; while the third place (male and female) will win 25 thousand bolivars.

There will also be winners in categories that are yet to be defined, according to the age and condition; For the other categories, the winner will be awarded 15 thousand bolivars plus trophy and registration for 2017; the second 12 thousand Bolivars plus trophy and third place 10 thousand bolivars plus trophy, for both the male and female categories.

Registration centers are: Store BodyForce in the Sambil Mall; Store Platinium El Recreo located in the Centro Comercial El Recreo; Store Platinium the Millenium Mall and Fundaguarenas in Trapichito urbanization, New Guarenas Mall. 1. floor Ofc. 15 and 16. Reference point: A 50 mts Land Traffic Command and next to the Rembrandt clinic or online through the page.


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