Mystic is all venezuelan women need as the one-in-all solution

Hair is the delegated heavenliness of a lady. It’s a crucial part of a lady’s wonder beauty. In the event that you are a lady, you will concur that uncommon consideration is constantly given to our hair; the way we wear it, style it and orchestrate it. Regardless of whether it’s a boyish pixie trim brandished by Hollywood performing artist Ema Watson or the falling mane of the Venezuelan magnificence Edymar Martínez, you will concur that delightful hair is the thing that that finishes the look.

Venezuela has dazzled the world with its bevy of beautiful women. It has the highest number of international pageant titles, including seven Miss Universe winners, six Miss World winners, seven Miss International winners and two Miss Earth winners.

In order to enhance the seat of the beauty crown, in this case, luxurious hair, Venezuela-based company Thermo Group CA is offering a broad line of products that aim at the comprehensive hair care for women.  Mystic, a haircare brand that Thermo Group has launched, comprises the latest in hair cosmetics. It includes shampoo with hydrolyzed protein; hydrolyzed Keratin conditioners; honey-based silicones, keratin and olives, among several other things.

Menahem Michel Edery, the vice president of Thermo Group has said, “It is a moment of opportunity for the domestic industry to consolidate and seek mechanisms. In Mystic, we have a valuable team dedicated to work on two new lines: Botox and Argan Elixir. We seek to use our past experience and put it into enhancing the quality of Mystic.” The brand is now recognized by top professional hairstylists, distributors and customers in Venezuela. Edery has added, “The strategic re-launch plan is also contemplating on tapping new Latin American markets.”

Mystic has a portfolio of over 100 products that includes hair dyes, products for pre- and post-treatment, lotions that work on deep hydration. There are two lines of products, one for professional stylists or hair salons, and the other for common consumer. Among them are Botox Premium and Argan Elixir, the premium products that provide great regeneration, adding vitality and shine of the highest quality. The portion has been specially formulated to protect and enhance the hair of the modern woman that undergoes routine wear and tear.

The brand has a good presence outside the country too, viz., Colombia, United States, Panama and Dominican Republic. Owing to their wide network of specialized distributors and sales force, the company currently has a production capacity of 450 thousand litres per month, which translates into everything that comes in a Mystic bottle or hamper.

Mystic believes in delivering premium quality products. Its aim is beyond the over-the-counter reach of a product. The brand has invested in the latest and most advanced techniques in producing the hair care line; it has adhered to the highest standards of quality and scientific support, keeping in mind both the medical and chemical aspects of such products. None of the products from Mystic contain salt. Sodium sticks to the hair and prevents it from gaining nutrition or hydration.

Mystic Botox consists of pre-treatment, post-treatment, blister deep renewal range, based on a perfectly-balanced formulation of vitamins, amino acids, proteins, hyaluronic acid and collagen, which allow targeting damaged hair and provide exceptional hydration and nutrition. The treatment strengthens every hair strand from root to tip, giving natural smoothness to hair.

Since the ancient times, Argan has been considered as one of the best oils. Also known as the liquid gold of Morocco, the oil has high percentage of vitamin E that imparts high gloss, a pleasant aroma and UV-protection for hair.

Both Botox and Argan Elixir can be connected to a wide range of hair, as regularly as sought. It speeds up recovery of hair; particularly in the scalps of those individuals why should uncovered harm from chemicals and warmth from dryers or irons. The parts are ingested rapidly, and decreases fuzziness, making detangling simpler. Likewise, it abandons no sleekness.

Mystic exceedingly trusts that it will soon develop as a noteworthy hair care brand in its nation of origin, as well as make a name all around. With such a tremendous line-up of items, the fantasy of turning into a main hair restorative brand is achievable.


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