Menahem Michel Edery tells about the leadership skills which each shall possess

Amidst hectic schedules and merciless rivalry everybody endeavors to have an edge over other, which is conceivable if there is something extraordinary around one and certainty to draw it emphatically. The Vice President of Thermo Group, Menahem Michel Edery sees authority as an absolute necessity trademark in a person to exceed expectations in any industry. As indicated by him, there are sure angles which obviously recognize a man as a pioneer.


The best leader would know how to quickly adapt to circumstances, when – and how – to get tough, handle a difficult situation while maintaining right posture and carry an honest image to remain trustworthy.

Risk takers

A great leader will be fearless i.e. he would not hesitate while trying his chances against the odds as there is a say in big businesses that “higher the risks, higher the profits”.


A leader should adopt exclusive strategies to tackle a problem which would enable him to stay firm and strong where others would fail to anticipate his actions.


To be compassionate is an intrinsic factor of a leader. He knows when he can raise his volume to get his work done and how to motivate others whilst they are losing up to difficult times.


This is a foundation of each trait of a leader. Until a human does not use his wits and wisdom, he cannot be a leader. A leader shall know what to say, at which place, in which manner and to which extent to impact the perspective of a second person.

Everything in one’s life is an impression of a decision made. On the off chance that he needs an alternate result, settle on an alternate decision. So on the off chance that a man plans to end up a pioneer, he might mind his activities and words in a way communicated before to leave an impingement impression.


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