venezuela-007In an interview with Mr. Menahem Michel Edery, Thermo Group Vice President C.A., explained how the company overcomes and is successfully maintained despite the crisis and economic situation that it passes through Venezuela.

At Thermo Group we have established as a philosophy, that although the business environment and the market at the moment may be uncertain, we will always work for we adapt to the circumstances that arise, adapting positively to challenging conditions, without affecting the quality of the work or the performance of executives, managers and talent human, which together must be committed to the permanent improvement of the processes of the company , Edery said.

As one of the directors of this organization, Menahem Michel Edery said that its methodology is to observe, analyze and evaluate the circumstances and their different edges, but the most important thing for him is to react and respond as best as possible to them. Because it is considered that maintaining an attitude of resilience will allow enterprise-wide control, deal with and successfully overcome the different circumstances that arise, no matter how challenging that are.

For the Vice-President of this important company of hair products, the challenges posed by Venezuela currently represent a learning that will allow companies to optimize their management and be firm and stable when it is over the crisis, provided organizations during the eventualities is permitted flow changes instead of resisting them and trust in the ability of the people who make life in enterprises to grow and resolve any situation.

As Edery, all in Thermo Group, beginning with their managers and with the supportof his team, strive to be part of the solution, ensuring a constant in the development work, developing and merchantability of hair products of excellent quality. They are committed to providing comprehensive solutions that generate wellbeing for theVenezuelan customer satisfaction.

Finally, he   emphasized that as a company and as citizens we must strive to ensure that, regardless of the time that crosses the country that has given us the support, continue giving the best of each to make possible their development and progress.



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