tgmvSamuel Chocron, president of Thermo Group, C.A. , shared key in the relationship that he and the directors and company managers have with the human talent of the organization.

To Chocron , mission, vision and objectives that the organization is drawn , they are become a fundamental triad of work to be merged with an excellent staff . ” One of the fundamental keys to the company convertierta a leader in the national and international market with the best products in the industry, is to establish an excellent relationship between the group of executives and managers who are leading Thermo Group with human talent here he plays , “he said .

Keys to maintain successful relationship with the staff

Chocrón recognizes that the relationship with the staff can become the real key to success or failure of a company. And so he emphasized that ” Thermo Group seek to maintain a relationship of synergy, connection on which we all cooperate for the good of the team and of each of its members , which ultimately is reflected in the scope of the objectives and goals set by the company. “

He went on to say that ; each member of our team has to keep the doors open communication with managers and directors , which provides them the opportunity to present their concerns, proposals or suggestions for improving the performance of the organization. Here we try not to feel that this is a company that just come to meet a schedule, with certain responsibilities for wages , but feel attuned and identified with the place where they spend most of their day .

We as a methodology , report regularly to the staff about the processes , projects and company news , involve them in the development of the organization, and thus also reduce any uncertainty that may arise between them , more in the moment through Venezuela . He motivate them to cultivate a spirit of cohesion and sense of belonging , so that we participate actively, he said.

We also welcome the efforts and success of each team member and offer opportunities to continue giving the best of each and meet individual and collective goals. As we consider and recognize each of their contributions.

Each member of the company that is committed to its role shows , receives our support to continue to learn and develop, in order that trust in what they can accomplish out of your comfort zone .

The Thermo Group is an agile and flexible organization , able to reinvent themselves and innovate over time , it is partly because its human talent also features the agility and flexibility, and the ability to provide solutions and transform the obstacles opportunities .

The positive response we have received all this time by our staff commits us even more as managers to give the best of ourselves for the good of all , delivering what we promise and leading by example.



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